Here is yet another story regarding dangerous "smoking cessation" drugs hawked by our friends at Big Pharma. This story relates to a happy and healthy fellow who suddenly committed suicide after starting on Champix (called Chantix in the USA) to curb a pack-a-day habit. Of course Big Pharma always insists on "cause and effect" re tobacco but stonewalls on cases like this regarding its lousy side-effect-ridden products. It’s a good possibility the powerful pills tipped this man psychologically as they apparently have done with many others. On the other hand there has never been any reason to believe such products render any other than a "placebo" benefit to persons trying to kick cigarettes. Why on Earth do people take these things? Why the Hell do drug companies and crazy doctors keep shilling this worthless and dangerous snake oil? The Golden Era of quitting smoking was in the 60s and 70s before any of these quack nostrums, and before cracked anti-smoking, existed. Then as now people succeeded in quitting simply by stopping. Many find it best to cut down over a month or so — simply to adjust — and then stop. Recall that nicotine is a far less "intoxicating" drug than is caffeine. We are not talking about alcoholism here. Cigarettes can be a very strong habit for some. They can however most certainly be quit, by those who want to quit, as many millions of smokers have done, by deciding to break the habit. If you "can’t" you are hooked psychologically on the habit. To thine own self be true. Think straight. In the US the numbers of smokers and former smokers are about equal. Antismoking, perverse in all ways, tries to convince people they cannot quit smoking. Well they can. They certainly don’t need the horrible "remedies" Big Pharma touts. Do not take any of these drugs!



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