The quest to homogenize the masses while eradicating national cultures reaches a fever pitch in the European Union. Sexual allure is now in the cross hairs. One such culture warrior is Sweden’s Eva-Britt Svensson who, with a straight face, urges EU member nations to use existing equity, anti-sexism and discrimination laws to prohibit advertisements that portray men or women as "sex objects" or "reinforce gender stereotypes." In an era where all EU member nations are curtailing public services, including health care, this Member of the European Parliament wants public money spent on regulatory agencies established to monitor advertisements and impose rules that enforce a "zero-tolerance" policy against sexist insults and "degrading" images.

Zero Tolerance, the all-mighty deity worshiped by the mediocrities whose obsession with detail, process and minutia fueled by an overwhelming need to impose their prejudices, bigotry and hatred of diversity on everyone, strikes again. Let’s let MEP Svensson speak for herself:

"Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes. Gender stereotyping in advertising is one of several factors that have a big influence in efforts to make society more gender equal. When women and men are portrayed in a stereotypical way the consequence may be that it becomes difficult in other contexts to see women and men’s resources and abilities."

Whew! Is it possible that any human being communicates with words strung together in such a stupor-inducing way? Indeed not, but real communication is not the object of those who indulge in the loquacious mumbo jumbo that cannot be outdone by any parody of politically correct speech. Such horrid counterfeit language is designed to facilitate several objectives beloved by soulless bureaucrats laying waste to cultures throughout the world.

Firstly, regulatory interference in the market place brings business further under the control of people who hold money-making as a necessary but very nasty evil, which is permitted to exist to fund the salaries of the regulators. Secondly, and of most importance, cracking down on human behavior, the real goal of banning "sexist" advertisements, provides the almost erotic thrill that second-raters such as Eva-Britt Svensson crave to prove to themselves that their empty, non-productive lives have meaning.

People enjoy provocative and sexy advertisements. The social engineers will ban it. People enjoy smoking. That must be banned. Enjoy good food and drink? Learn to live without it for the Eva-Britt Svensson’s of the world have decided that a bland, colorless, ostensibly "safe" existence is the state best suited for people throughout the world. The triumph of the "safety and health" ethos signals the apotheosis of the impotent and the transformation of vibrant humanity into the mindless existence of workers toiling in an ant hill.



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