Articles recently published by the EU Reporter make it clear that, amongst the healthist ideologues, coherence certainly exists (in the simplistic sense of saying the same thing all the time) but logic and intelligence do not.

In the piece “One law for some” (stored), we read this quote from publisher Chris White: “It is bizarre that people who claim to be for freedom of speech and action should criticise legitimate comment.” According to White, those who are for freedom of speech should not criticize what he considers legitimate comment. Now that is bizarre. Are you confused already? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Just one quick read of the article White is referring to (stored) is sufficient to show what this gentleman means by “legitimate comment": the libel, for example, that FORCES has ties with the tobacco industry – without, of course, being able to demonstrate it and knowing damn well that there are no ties. That doesn’t matter, you see, because Tobacco Control’s ideology is so “right” and “true” and “proper” that, ipso facto, dissent from its Holy Gospel can always be assumed or at least said to come only from those who are paid off by evil tobacco merchants … but of course … and who would dare to disagree?

By the same token, for the antismoking Cro-Magnons and their press supporters (hereafter "Cro"), those who had any contact whatsoever with the tobacco industry cannot state that 2+2 makes 4, as they’ve been in touch with evil. Just don’t believe the impudent dissenters — especially when they show public health’s epidemiologic frauds. Just overlook those frauds altogether, and believe public health ideology and antismoking groups instead; they are paid off by good, clean pharmaceutical money.

In the second article “Lobbytarians invade Brussels” (stored), we see more of the same. For the linear minds of the Cros, denouncing the institutional frauds of public health is just lobbyism. Unable as they are to comprehend sophisticated concepts such as truth and freedom, what is in disagreement with the sacred authorities is a threat that must by all and any means be disparaged and extirpated. Libel takes the place of the club: “Only last week, we exposed how a key speaker at a pro-smoking conference, scheduled to take place in the European Parliament, was alleged to have received literally millions of dollars from the tobacco industry over a long period.”

We have highlighted some key words: “alleged” (which means "charged without proof") becomes, by implication, "demonstrated guilty of," and it is reinforced by “literally” and by “millions of dollars”; "exposed" implies the desire to hide. "Pro-smoking" implies sin and disease — really bad stuff, folks!… Have these self-professed journalistic professionals (better defined as professional slanderers who found the way to stay out of jail) called their victim to give him the opportunity to speak? Of course not. Here is Cro’s linear sequence: millions of dollars = big corruption = pro-smoking = no credibility. Conclusion: TICAP and FORCES must be fronts for the tobacco industry. Want "proof"? Gori spoke at the conference!

It seems clear, in fact, that the "exposed" key speaker is Gio Gori, as that is clearly stated in the first article. We just happen to know him personally. Indeed he was a consultant of the tobacco industry (remember, a legal industry that employs a lot of people and pays a lot of tax for making a product that all governments make 400-800% higher profit from than what the industry itself makes), but that relation belongs to the distant past. What millions of dollars? Cro has not investigated, but Dr. Gori is so rich with all those millions that, at the age of nearly 80, he still needs to work for a modest living.

What is the guilt of Gori, by the way? It is this: he worked under the US Smoking and Health program in the 70s, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute in coöperation with the tobacco industry. To do what? To conduct research on a safer cigarette — that is, a safer product in the same way that Ford or GM work to make safer cars. Gori and his team worked to improve public health without demonizing smokers. That, according to the health Nazis, was wrong.

The Smoking and Health program was suddenly suppressed at the end of the 70s when the abolitionists, supported by Big Pharma, started pushing hard for prohibition. After that, Gori’s sin was upholding realities, by pointing out (and demonstrating: a terrible crime against junk science) such ideologically inconvenient truths as that: a) The number of “victims” of smoking is a statistical fabrication because the mortality of tobacco is incommensurable; b) Passive smoking "dangers" are a patent epidemiological fraud, thus smoking bans have no reason to exist; c) Public Health institutions have become a cesspool of corruption and fanatical ideology, thus must be dismantled and rebuilt with proper ethical and moral standards.

Very certainly, truth-telling cannot be tolerated, when His Majesty Public Health states that smoking must be eradicated, so it’s off with Gori’s head. Never mind the inability to prove scientifically even one death "caused by smoking." The mission is Prohibition and the tactics are all and any means necessary. Conning the taxpayers while also fleecing them is legitimate in the proclaimed name of "health." Trashing distinguished scientists is routine. Doctor Gori and other dissenters know this well.

Cro does not stop with this but babbles on: “Cue an extraordinary attack from one of the conference’s organisers, FORCES International, which, using calm, reasoned argument, writes of the ‘pharmaceutical lapdog antismoking scum of Europe’ which has got the event stopped. It also suggests, libellously, that the EU Reporter is a ‘marionette’ of the same ‘pharmaceutical industry whores,’ whom it claims ‘activated’ our article. Oh dear, m’lud. The problem for our accusers is that this publication has a long record of reporting critically about the pharmaceutical lobby and its hidden interests too.”

The quote is wrong. You can read the FORCES piece yourself. Interestingly enough, there is no rebuttal in the EU Reporter piece of the fact that Tobacco Control is paid off/sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, in a blatant conflict of interest between private and public. Public corruption becomes legitimate or at least tolerable, you see, in the proclaimed name of "health." Just rename it "official partnership" and you are in business again.

Clearly the Reporter wants to show that FORCES is an irrational bunch of addicted fanatics — that’s got to be it! When Cro learns to read well, he may wish to consult our scientific portal and educate himself on why some of us are angry enough to do something concrete against the public health Nazi scum. Why scum? Because an authority that knowingly lies and misrepresents deserves no respect — and neither do those who support that authority.

After achieving the evolutionary quantum leap of reading and understanding, Cro may even be able to comprehend that those emotions are quite justified when the only message from the "authorities" is, at best, that smokers are social trash that must be denormalized, discriminated against, taxed, silenced, punished, and treated with drugs while their children are brainwashed to hate them.

Antitobacco Cros have been clubbing smokers for decades. Their “calm, reasoned arguments" are preachments of fear and hate. Smokers should have used a club on Tobacco Control a long time ago. They bear responsibility for the dismal results of their timidity in the face of brutish assault. Awareness of this is finally dawning and the fight is now on.

At times, the EU Reporter has in fact criticized the pharmaceutical lobby, but never when it comes to the precious smoker pogrom. Antismoking is filthy with Big Pharma money. This can’t be denied and must no longer be ignored. Antitobacco fanaticism, far from sacred, is plainly vicious. This must be shouted from the rooftops.

There is rampant fanaticism, and great power, and great wealth behind the new Prohibitionism. Antismoking is unquestionably worth hundreds of millions of Euros a year in smoking cessation trash alone, never mind the antidepressants used to replace the beneficial effects of smoking. Will the taxpayer-funded Reporter ever attack groups like the Smokefree Partnership or the World Health Organization with the same viciousness it displayed against FORCES, maybe on the grounds of their relationship with the pharmaceutical industry? Oh, m’lud indeed, that would be the day Cro gets fired!

Cro says one must not criticize the party line that keeps him paid. Therefore, let’s get rid of the lobbies, so that only competent ass-kissers of the state may have the floor. Let us keep the sanctity of the state immaculate and detached from pollution such as stakeholders, consumers, and citizens in general. Obama Bin Laden will show the EU how to do that: all the bureaucratic intellectual Magnons have to do is cheer along and copy-cat.

Let everyone be ruled by Cro’s schizophrenia. Citizens must receive one-way protection by the oligarchy of bureaucratic paper-pushing commissions, whether those mere citizens like it or not, regardless of their opinions and feelings. Plato was blessed not to have lived in these mad days. The oligarghy he proposed was enlightened and truthful.

Do not doubt this: the EU Reporter, scribbler Marc Jahns and the Smokefree Partnership lie through their teeth when they say that there was an "auction mart for commercial interests" to support the conference. In fact, there was no commercial interest whatsoever: the only sponsor was a smoking cessation establishment. The rest was all contributions from the member organizations.

One last thing that Jahns and his ilk should remember: the conference was a great success — and for that we have to thank the public health minions, who provided enhanced relevance to it by forbidding it. The "eccentrics," as Jahns dismissively labels dissenters to Prohibition, while posing himself as mainstream, are rapidly multiplying. Worry a lot, Marc, because we won’t be silenced, and the dirty manoeuvres of certain EU scumbags (please, say that we are irrational extremists, it looks good here!) will not be able to stop us. Worry that, soon, the "easy bit" may be putting away the moral and ideological trash that you support with such daring arrogance.

The time of reckoning is approaching, as we’ll smoke right in the face of what you represent, in a conference room of the European Parliament. Keep on laughing and dismissing while you can, for this is not a threat, it’s a promise.



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