Accusing those who disagree with antitobacco of being daemonically possessed by Big Tobacco is an antitobacco industry standard.
Michael Siegel reports:

“In a letter to the editor published April 16, 2007 in the Edmonton Journal, an anti-smoking advocate who is past president of the Canadian Thoracic Society accused Michael J. McFadden of being a Big Tobacco mole, but without providing any documentation to back up his claim. The letter came in response to a letter written by McFadden several days earlier, in which he argued against a ban on tobacco grants at the University of Alberta.

“Now, about 9 months later, another anti-smoking advocate has published a letter in the Edmonton Journal which, without documentation, accuses a number of individuals who have written letters in opposition to various tobacco policies of being funded by and working in a campaign orchestrated by the tobacco industry.”

The buffoon who makes these accusations is Norman Temple, a professor at Athabasca University in Alberta — and he adds: “How do these writers across North America manage to so quickly discover these letters in the Journal on the subject of smoking?…”

We have a simple answer for that: we are watching closely and we are getting organized to fight the antitobacco fraud, to educate the people, to help everyone see the true colours of tobacco control. Norman Temple and the rest of his kind don’t like that. They shouldn’t. We don’t like them.

Temple rages on (emphases added): "Here is a far more likely explanation. This is a campaign orchestrated by the tobacco industry. … The tobacco industry wishes to propagate the view that passive smoking is not harmful and that smokers have a right to inflict their poison on those around them. But how can they state this viewpoint when their credibility went up in smoke many years ago?”

Please note that "they" and "their" here encompass both smokers and the tobacco industry as if these were one and the same — an old rhetorical trick used by this paranoid dilettante who certainly does not surprise us veterans of the fight. The truth is simple. Passive smoking is not harmful and it is not poison. There is overwhelming evidence that the “studies” on passive smoking are statistical trash and fraud. The poison here is that which seeps through Temple’s every pore. Hatred is the life’s blood of every antitobacco fanatic.

It is worthwhile to stop for a second to observe how pinheaded these self-appointed “authorities” really are. How did they get their degrees, by the way? Apparently they memorized hysterical propaganda by rote to get all the right answers at the Healthist course exams. Certainly there is no genuine intelligence here.

Only reptilian intellects deem all other species of thought as either predators or prey. Coiled together in circuitous reasoning, the tobaccophobes view all those outside their nest with suspicion, fear, and hate. The outsiders do not give the right answers! They do not chant the mantras! They are all possessed by the Great Daemon! Confused, enraged, the snakes bare their fangs. Tobacco control is mad, primitive, dangerous. We do watch closely. We know them well. We are going to destroy them.

Reptiles may fear, and hate, but they understand little. Michael J. McFadden has nothing to do with the tobacco industry. Antitobacco’s critics generally have nothing to do with the tobacco industry. FORCES does not either. We have no particular admiration for the tobacco industry. Many of their policies, in fact, we deplore. Thus we have no ties with the industry and seek none. We seek to destroy antitobacco because antitobacco is crazy and viciously anti-human.

Antitobacco uses the claim of Big Tobacco kinship in an attempt to disparage critics but it also wants to believe the claim. It wants to believe it is beloved by "the people." We are the people. We are good citizens. We are credible. Antitobacco is loathsome and we say so. That really burns them. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, more every day, independently, are growing wise to the Great Antismoking Fraud. The fraudsters are losing control. That’s why they are going ballistic.

Michael Siegel provides his insight:

“This story demonstrates the point I made in my April 16, 2007 post that anti-smoking advocates seem to be brainwashed into believing that all opposition to smoking bans is orchestrated by the tobacco industry, and that anyone who either challenges the science connecting secondhand smoke exposure and severe health effects or opposes tobacco control policies is a paid lackey of Big Tobacco. … The tactic of making undocumented accusations against tobacco policy opponents — claiming that they are fronts for Big Tobacco — was perfected by, and advanced by Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR), an organization whose Board I used to sit on."

The Big Tobacco paintbrush could not last forever. It is shot to Hell by now. The vicious reign of antitobacco cannot last forever. We shall see that it does not.



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