Lucy and Ricky Ricardo tell us how to avoid "cigarette hangover"!

Enjoy these Philip Morris cigarette promotions included in original broadcasts of I Love Lucy. The brand isn’t sold within the USA anymore, and of course, our regular readers know better than to buy any brand made by the Philip Morris Company or by any American Big Tobacco company.

You may particularly enjoy the pronouncement that Philip Morris cigarettes did not contain "a source of irritation found in all other major brands." Perhaps it was whiskey, explaining the "hangover" rhetoric, but we cannot know as we are not told. This would seem nearly as ludicrous a "medical claim" as those the prohibitionists make today. We said nearly. Anti-smoking has elevated the concept of "ludicrous" to heights never reached in the 1950s or indeed since the dawn of time.

Incidentally, true Lucy fans know that she really smoked Chesterfields (made by the Liggett & Meyers Company at the time), and stuffed these into Philip Morris packs just for show, in the years when Philip Morris sponsored her TV program. It’s the truth.

Click here for the video.



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