It isn’t every day we read about the results of a campaign of oppression, social control, hatred and torture. Such, however, are on view in Al Qaeda controlled Iraq, where smoking warrents amputation.

An entire society and culture turn against its religious leaders who want total control over the daily activities of their personal lives. The Iraq’s supposedly hate the American, yet they turn to our troops to escape the oppression of al Qaeda.

We targets of anti tobacco have seen and felt the threats against our livelihoods and our lives. Several smokers have been murdered, simply for smoking. Thousands have lost their employment and the means to support themselves and their families, because they choose to consume a legal product at work, at home, and/or off the job site.

“Other civilian and insurgent sources in the towns of Tahrir and neighboring Buhruz said al Qaeda had imposed strict regulations, including a ban on smoking — punishable by the amputation of a finger or hand — and a curfew on citizens walking in the streets after 4 p.m."

In all reality, the anti tobacco tactics are not much different than those of al Qaeda’s, yet they are supported by our government, because of increased tax revenues and the media, because of the advertising dollars that were lost from tobacco and replaced by pharmaceutical advertising dollars.

All those promoting the anti tobacco agenda will one day be held accountable, just as other war criminals are being held accountable, because first: we are Citizens, with an inherent "Citizens Responsibility" to each other and our Country.

Civil war can happen here, and probably will before our government and those special interest groups driving it learn, once again, not to mess with the owners of the government. We citizens are not to be controlled by legislation, especially not legislation based upon the gross mis-interpretation of vauge questionnaires questioning memories of decades ago.



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