"Christmas at the Snout": that’s the title of this video from the UK, telling the Antis, their ideological friends and neo-Nazi politicians where to go and what they are.

Isn’t it sad when people must set up their own private pubs to enjoy what a pub is for? This is the case with these people from once-free Great Britain. In today’s GB pubs you can’t smoke and have loud music anymore. Soon you will not be able to have tasty foods, or even drink as you wish.

What do you go to a pub for if you can’t smoke, drink, and eat what you want? Very simply, if you can’t enjoy yourself in pubs, you don’t go to pubs. That’s the conclusion millions of British people have reached. That’s why pubs go bankrupt.

Imagine once again the world according to the health & environment bastards, if you can.

No smoking, no drinking, controlled food, CCTVs to make sure that you comply: millions and millions of them. No fireplaces, no cars, no advertisement (except for pharmaceutical trash because it finances them.) All industries controlled and regulated to paralysis. Everything rationed according to statistics and epidemiological trash predictions: electricity (filament light bulbs illegal soon!), water, heat. Your children and even your pets dealt with according to specific laws and regulations – or you go to jail and your kids and pets will be taken. Getting sick is a crime when the disease can be “attributed” to some behaviour by some trash physician who has read the latest garbage study: for that reason health care is denied after you have paid compulsory contributions all your life. Science is run by "consensus" and not by proof.

That is just a tiny example of what’s coming if the health & environment crooks have their way and continue to con the population.

Scared? You should be. Start taking the attitude of the folks in this video. Disobey and tell “public health” where to go – especially the government and its stinking laws. That would be a good start.



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