US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a splendid example of a current politician who reflects the confusion of the society he represents.

Free Republic forum commentator Eric Blair writes: “When it comes to describing [the] former Arkansas Governor turned Presidential candidate there is no shortage of labels. Nanny stater, global warming alarmist, pro-life Democrat, religious leftist, open border illegal alien apologist and fiscal liberal. We can now add another description. Flip flopper.”

Yes, Michael Huckabee was against smoker bans but now he is for them, after his doctors mandated he lose weight. Was the ailment he suffered something that could be considered smoking-related? Not at all, although today it’s very difficult to find something that is not purported to be “smoking related.” The corpulent pol had developed type 2 diabetes. So, after a crash diet, Huckabee changed his mind on smoking bans. Eminently logical, just like the rest of society today, it seems. We connect with Free Republic at link below.



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