Amidst a huge protest and a lawsuit filed against the city council, the City of Madison passed a smoking ban ordinance. However, since one ordinance was in legislation, they went ahead and passed a brand new one with a new ordinance number. Think that violates "the spirit of the open meetings act"? Many do.

Here we have the person who introduced the ordinance in the first place. Cynthia McCollum bills herself as an "Ambassador". Assumably, this allows her to spend all kinds of money on her city credit card without ever re-paying it! This interview with Channel 31 explains it all. It is entitled "credit card scam". On August 26 the anti-smoking councilwoman was booted out of office by the voters.

Next, we have Steve Haraway, the council president.

Third, we have councilman Jerry Jennings.

Meet Tim Cowles, the ONLY council member to vote NAY to the passage of the ordinance.

Here is Tommy Overcash, who just couldn’t wait to vote in this ordinance.

Larry Vannoy. A big ban fan.

And let’s not forget Bob Wagner, whose wife stood in the audience, asking him not to vote for this ordinance. He did anyway. She left in tears. I was there and saw it. I have read recently that Sallie Wagner has filed a suit against the council, having to do with black mold, I believe, at the Chamber of Commerce offices where she worked, and which contributed to a very debilitating condition which she developed. Bob Wagner will not be running for re-election.

And last, but not least, Mayor Kirkendall, who could have vetoed this ordinance, and stated that he was not in favor of it. He did not veto it. The craven mayor is now a former craven mayor having lost his bid for re-election August 26.

The Minutes of the meeting of January 22, 2007 make no mention of the upcoming proposed ordinance. What is of interest here is the Mayor’s statement that the State only requires the listing of the topics, the votes and the results. In other words, those who object to anything that the council wishes to do, do not have to be recorded.



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