Waivers to the smoking ban are dribbled out in some areas of New York state. Naturally Anti wants to put an end to sanity by special permission.
Typical nonsense about random fluctuations in heart attack incidence were cited as a reason for withdrawing the waiver program by hysterics who had to admit there was no reason to associate such fluctuations with the smoking ban in the first place. Such is the state of reason in society today.

As described, the few permitted smoking rooms seem to be hermetically sealed, but of course that doesn’t satisfy Anti either. Every shred of choice and every shred of freedom must be removed. Property rights must be damned once and for all and altogether.

There will be more challenges. The waivers will eventually go. It is going to take massive force to end the paranoid and puritanical Health Reich. The Reich exists to perpetuate the Reich. In truth there has never been any real reason for smoking bans.

Our correspondent Sam Nettles expresses himself plainly to the newspaper covering this story.

To Patrick Fanelli and the editors of the Post-Journal:

Smoking bans are stupid. Waivers on smoking bans are stupid. Removing waivers is stupid. The false premise of second-hand tobacco smoke danger has been used to continue adding on to the ignorant, democracy-busting movement that demonstrates how stupid the media, the voters, the politicians, and the uneducated really are. Health nuts and junk science are ruling America out of existence.


Sam Nettles




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