Vote! Vote! Vote! We can’t stress it enough. Make your voice heard. If nothing else, see and VOTE! Some Councilors will let the online poll dictate their vote………VOTE NO TO THE ORDINANCE WORLDWIDE…… and send an email to the City Councilors @ and the Mayor @ Please send this link out to all on your email lists that value individual and most importantly smoker’s rights.

Bob Mills
City Councilor, Biddeford, Maine, USA

"Early this week, another option was added to the survey by Councilor Bob Mills, which asked residents if they preferred to not implement a ban on smoking at all. Mills said he is “adamantly opposed to the poll, which may dictate city policy.” He noted anyone may vote on the Web site, even if they are not Biddeford residents. To participate in the survey, visit Biddeford’s Web site, The June 17 meeting may also be viewed on the Web site by clicking the archived meeting calendar.

Mills said he plans to request a public forum during the July 1 council meeting to allow residents to express concerns or support for the ordinance. “I am going to be asking for, and sure I will receive, backing for a forum,” he said, adding there should have been an opportunity for the public to comment prior to the ordinance going to the council. “I am not of the opinion, nor do I support, passing things without public input.”

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Bob Mills



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