Yes, tobacco is the evil weed. It is so deadly that not even one death can be demonstrated to be caused by it. So deadly, in fact, that its production is skyrocketing without subsidies. How come?

When tobacco subsidies were eliminated several years ago, anti-tobacco was jubulant, predicting an accellerated end to tobacco. If only! Ending the subsidies, basically welfare payments, has resulted in more acreage devoted to the leaf each year after a slight decline when the subsidies ended. Once again, American tobacco is competitive on the world market. And once again, anti-tobacco has been shown to be wrong.

So far the gangsters have been quiet on this front but rest assured a "study" will soon be released showing that the rebound in tobacco production is at best a fluke. The media will then hype this "good news." True, we cannot prove one death from tobacco but we say that we can – and that’s not immoral: all we have to do is to avoid confrontational scientific debates and carry on with the propaganda. Nor is it immoral that we cash billions in taxes from a product that “kills” so much. We can’t prove one cent of the smokers’ “cost to society” but that is an excellent excuse to make more money on private health care systems (or deny medical care to smokers in public health care systems), but that’s not immoral either. And waving the passive smoke fraud in front of the people using corrupt health “authorities” that belong in jail makes us even more moral than the Pope.

Yes, we are legends in our own minds. We have to uproot the evil weed, and show that we are a “progressive” society that puts statistical trash before science, and economy. So we cut off tobacco subsidies to farmers everywhere to show our very “moral” position – an effort that is quite common to all crooks, who need to look good and credible.

Did we mention economy? Well, then we have to mention free market and private initiative too.

Not only is smoking a wonderful and pleasurable habit, but it is profitable for all – including the crooks that want to forbid it. Tobacco is back with a roar in the US farmlands – and no subsidies! Why would that be? There is only one possible reason: because the demand is there and it makes money. But, in that case, that means that the effects of the fraudulent “educational” antismoking campaigns in the US and abroad do not work. If they don’t work it means that people do not believe them and that, despite all the anti-smoking propaganda, people see right through the lies of the “public health authorities”.

Thanks to the free market we can see the truth once again in spite of the multi-billions spent to cover it up. Furthermore, now governments will not be able to blackmail farmers with subsidies anymore, so that tobacco will be grown – and smoked – right in the face of the antismokers, something that every smoker must learn to do.

The whole affair is described in a nutshell by the simple, realistic words of a farmer:

"Somebody’s going to grow it. People are smoking it."

You bet we are. You keep on growing it. We’ll keep on smoking it.



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