Did you ever wonder why today we seem afflicted by epidemics of all kinds, while we were not just 10-15 years ago? There are several branches of ‘political’ “science”: one is the interview of distant memories of exposure à la passive smoking, and another one is…

… change the parameters and push the panic button!

The case of obesity is textbook. While it is true that America has more obese people than Europe, for example – and that may have something to do with the diet – it is also true that, all of a sudden, even Europe has an “explosion” of “overweight” victims. How did that come about? With the second preferred choice of the “public health” shysters: move the threshold!

Below are some examples of how you can build an “epidemic” overnight. All it takes is some fantasy, a computer, pharmaceutical and public grants, a Ph.D. and… you are in business!

…Bon Appètit!

Overweight: Definition changed from BMI 27 to BMI 25 by the U.S. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in 1998, instantly increasing by 43% the numbers of Americans, an additional 30.5 million, deemed “overweight”.

High cholesterol: Definition changed from a total cholesterol 240 to 200 in 1998 increasing by 86% the numbers of Americans labelled has having high cholesterol, an additional 42.6 million adults.

Hypertension: Definition changed in 1997 from 160/100 to 140/90, instantly adding 35% more Americans, 13.5 million, to the rosters of hypertensive. A new definition for “prehypertension” in 2003 increased to 58% the Americans believing they have hypertension.

Diabetes: Definition changed from a fasting glucose of 140 to 126 in 1997 by the American Diabetes Association and WHO Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus, increasing by 14% and 1.7 million the people diagnosed with diabetes. With the proposal of a new term, prediabetes by the First International Congress on Prediabetes, and promoted by the International Diabetes Federation (sponsored by 12 pharmaceutical companies), 40% of the adult population was added to the rosters believing they have diabetes and are in need of treatment.

In the Big Pharma-run Therapeutic State there is a new definition of citizen: "The citizen is a healthy person waiting to be declared ill by the next statistic or change of medical paramenters, according to the marketing agendas of the pharmaceutical multinationals".



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