Bootleg tobacco products proliferate in proportion to the excessiveness of taxation. Canadian officials have a huge problem of their own making. “It’s not trivial to buy illegal cigarettes. Your money goes directly into the pockets of criminals,” says a sergeant with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP.)

No, it’s not trivial to buy cigarettes at reasonable prices, it’s thrifty, and wise. More importantly, it keeps funds out of the pockets of Fascistic antitobacco “authorities.”

The RCMP spokesman explains: “We knew that the organized crime was involved in illicit tobacco sales, and now we hope to be able to prove in court that the profits of those sales were used to produce drugs that were sold in the Quebec City region.”

Well, we know that antitobacco is organized crime, and we don’t have to prove that antitobacco is high on arrogance and crazed with fanaticism, as the bug-eyed ranting of its proponents makes this obvious to all.

The cops have nabbed a couple of Hell’s Angels in the latest tobacco bust. The bikers, and the drug trade, and run-of-the-mill organized crime are all as nothing compared to the scourge of institutionalized antitobacco eugenics.

Buy tobacco at a fair price. In most cases, in Canada, you’ll be trading with honest hard-working Native Americans the government has been shafting for centuries. If a friendly Hell’s Angel sells you a pack don’t worry about that either. Your government is the real threat and the real enemy. It tries to make Hell for you with its taxation. Instead it makes Hell for itself. Fine.



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