First it was ETS. Now it’s EMS.
Anti-smoking activists have been working hard to make people believe in the ridiculous idea that environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) can cause harm via its mystical ability to "seep through walls". Not long ago, FORCES reported on the case of two neurotics who supposedly walked about their home wearing gas masks because of a neighbor’s smoking.

Now, Arthur Firstenberg of Santa Fe, New Mexico is suing his neighbor because she, like most people, enjoys the use of modern technology. Firstenberg claims that he suffers from EMS or "Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity" and that his neighbor’s use of Wi-fi internet, an I-phone, fluorescent light bulbs, and a dimmer switch are causing him an undue burden.

We at FORCES can only sigh and shake our head. We hate to say "we told you so", but…

FORCES isn’t entirely unsympathetic to Mr. Firstenberg or the pair donning the gas masks. Rather, FORCES wishes that we all lived in a society where such people would be encouraged to receive proper psychiatric treatment.

Instead, we’re all forced to stand witness as government and special interest groups exploit such fragile psyches for the sake of political gain.



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