The apotheosis of the zero tolerance cult is nigh as the oracles foretell the futility of hope.
Give it all up and grab the hemlock is the message from the latest in computer modeling, this century’s version of soothsaying through entrails contemplation. Global warming is unstoppable no matter how concentrated the effort may be to halt it. Emissions of carbon dioxide, a so-called greenhouse gas that is necessary for life, must be reduced to zero in just a few decades or it’s curtains for planet Earth. The piddling 70% reduction by 2050, currently proposed in the United States Senate, won’t make a difference even if such a drastic reduction could ever realistically be attained.

Zero emission of carbon dioxide is possible only if the entire world gives up all industry. All technology must be discarded as humankind reverts to the survival techniques practiced prior to the time of our Neolithic ancestors, who replaced nomadic wandering with permanent settlements based on agriculture. Devolving to a race of hunters and gatherers has been the unspoken goal of the radical environmentalists for decades and with recent releases of studies from the United States, Germany, and Canada, the unspoken hatred of Homo Sapiens becomes a bit more overt.

A world of hunters and gatherers, if they no longer used fire to cook or provide warmth, would nearly achieve zero emission, although each breath they exhaled would contain carbon dioxide. Six billion people, however, cannot inhabit the earth as hunters and gatherers. To reach the nihilistic Eden of zero emissions billions of humans must be eliminated. Thus we find ourselves in a world in which insane self-hatred is the basis on which the governing class concocts policies that will, at best, impoverish the majority and at worse unequivocally encourage the nihilists to strive for our extinction.



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