Completely ignored by national and international mass-media, servants of the antismoking crooks, a massive demonstration against the German smoking ban was held in Munich, June 1st.

More than 1,400 people, as well as many business owners in the Bavaria region got together in the Theresiewiesen to demonstrate peacefully against the antismoking law. The law not only damages the business, but it also discriminates against respectable smoking citizens. The demonstration included live music and dancing. Several political figures were present. Georg Schmidt, a radical antismoker of the CSU was invited to participate. he did not show up and snubbed the demonstration.

The suffocation of the information concerning demonstrations against smoking bans all over Europe by the media is part of the criminal international strategy headed by the World Health Organization and its gangster friends in the local ministries of “health” to put a damper on the growing resistance, to claim universal “consensus” on smoking bans, and to ignore the suffering, discrimination and damage to millions of smoking citizens.

There is only one logical conclusion that can be drawn: resistance and demonstrations are too peaceful and too civilized for the bastards in the antismoking establishment to consider. It follows that future demonstrations will have to be far more “vivacious”. After all, the cars turned upside down in late 60’s Detroit were impossible to ignore even by the racists of the time.

Even those who decide to turn deaf cannot, in fact, claim to ignore a vigorous tap on their shoulders.



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