As we said in another piece, fraud and hatred are built one step at the time. Here Siegel reports on the new plague of discrimination that is affecting the United States – the first of a long series? Hardly.

It really seems like the US, and most English-speaking countries just can’t live without discriminating and hating someone: women first, then blacks, then drinkers, then “wops”, then Commies, then gays, then smokers, then fatsos… and each time, of course, there is an excuse.

The excuse for lifestyle discrimination is the fraudulent assertion that smokers cost “more” for health care, and so do fatsos. Drinkers, of course, are next in line, although monofactorial diseases (thus diseases with demonstrable causality) caused by unprotected sex are still fine (and cost nothing to society) because they are practiced by the healthist Master Race. How does this ugly machine work? Like this.

First, false epidemiological associations without any scientific proof are made by expert con artists who usually are on pharmaceutical payrolls. Those associations are portrayed as scientific evidence because a "consensus" is created by politically silencing dissent.

Second, using the formula above, indemonstrable assertions that accuse the targeted lifestyle as costing to society are built, like the ridiculous one of the Center for Disease Control that claims “every smoker costs the nation $3,383”. Even if it were demonstrable, such an assertion utterly ignores that a smoker returns demonstrable figures of thousands of dollars a year in tobacco taxes alone, never mind the jobs that they create. But – since we have the power (and our victims are dumb enough not to take it away from us) – we simply ignore that side of the equation. Simple, no?… That is in the face of massive evidence that non smokers and ex-smokers cost to society more than smokers because they make more use of public health institutions and pay no tax on the products they don’t consume. This massive and suppressed Australian study is just an example.

Third, the health insurance companies pick up the ball and jack up the insurance prices to maximize their profits. Of course governments do not intervene because they are the first promoters of the scientific fraud, and want people to believe that smoking (drinking, eating…) "kills".

Fourth, ignorant entrepreneurs, instead of shopping for the best insurance (or suing the insurance companies for price fixing), discriminate against the target categories.

At this point, even pro-liberty groups sometimes come to help by defending the “right” of those entrepreneurs to discriminate based on their property rights, while at the same time whining about the imposition of smoking bans which violate those property rights. The end result is that the antismokers are provided with the former argument, and simply ignore the latter!

What is especially interesting in this posting by Michael Siegel is this paragraph: “At least 6,000 employers refuse to hire smokers, according to the National Workrights Institute, an affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU. Jeremy Gruber, a spokesman for the group’s New Jersey affiliate, said the figure is probably higher.”

The cancer of discrimination is spreading fast as a direct consequence of healthism. But a question comes to mind. What is the ACLU doing about that? The answer is: nothing. Why? Because the "anti" mentality has spread to the ACLU too. Suing for the rights of smokers to smoke or those of fatsos to eat (and drinkers to drink) on their own time and in their own lives would cause political pressures on the ACLU by Big Health, especially in the form of decreases financing and donations. The ACLU may go after other things, but the “public health” fraud is untouchable. Also playing a huge part in the ACLU’s decision not to involve itself in the loss of civil liberties of millions of Americans is the sorry fact that the upper echelon of this organization is highly sympathetic, on an ideological level, to the goals of those who run the anti-smoking rackets.

Once again, the same mechanism that prevents the mass-media from giving voice to evidence and people who demonstrate the frauds on smoking also prevents the ACLU from taking real action other than talking about it once in a while – and in a neutral way too, no criticism or contempt shown. Even civil liberties associations, therefore, surrender liberty to fraudulent health promises.

And since, one way or another, everything concerns health, then…



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