‘A kilogram of beef is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution than driving for 3 hours while leaving all the lights on back home…

‘Everybody is trying to come up with different ways to reduce carbon footprints,’ says Su Taylor of the Vegetarian Society in the UK: ‘But one of the easiest things you can do is to stop eating meat.’"

So say the global warming soothsayers, as quoted in a recent NewScientist.com article. They include well-known UFO buff Whitley Strieber, who posted comments about the New Scientist article to his website www.UnknownCountry.com.

Strieber opines, “We’re learning how to grill safer burgers, but in order to fight global warming, we may have to give up our hamburgers and become vegetarians.”

Unknown Country has long been noted for its aggressive promotion of anti-obesity and anti-tobacco agendas. A prime “target” of anti-obesity is the ubiquitous cheese burger. Now, anti-obesity has been neatly tied to and integrated with global warming. Strieber is a co-author of the global warming book “The Coming Global Super Storm,” which has been made into a feature movie. Apparently, we all need to “reduce our carbon footprints” to be in compliance with agenda-afflicted and global warming mandates (read, new taxes on carbon emissions). So drop that cheeseburger and pick up the tofu or you are a bad, bad person who contaminates the world with enlarged carbon footprints, thereby creating super storms that kill your innocent and unsuspecting neighbors.

This boldly ratchets up claims about the damage of secondhand smoke to a new level where no one has ever gone before. No longer producing a mere 3,000 innocent nonsmoker lung cancer victims per year from tobacco smoke, the global warming noncompliant (smokers qualify, of course) now seem set to wipe out millions in one super storm, by leaving big “footprints” worldwide.

Strieber’s latest science fiction book about aliens on earth, “The Grays,” will also become movie. He describes that book as fiction based on documented fact. The book presenta a story line about how we can have a new world if humans merge their minds with aliens who are due to arrive by 2012. Perhaps we should consider an alternative scenario: have the aliens already landed? Today it appears that the minds of many policy makers and junk science promoters have already been taken over by menacing alien life forms. After all, these are the same policy makers who think that it is acceptable to craft social marketing themes that use negative labelling to scare the crap out of normal folks in order to coerce public compliance with special-interest agendas.



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