Timothy Garon, age 56, dies after being denied treatment.

Mr. Garon used marijuana to ease his many ills. It had been prescribed to him by a medical doctor. Mr. Garon was informed that he had to subject himself to a 60 day drug treatment program in order to be eligible for placement on the donor list for a liver transplant.

Mr. Garon didn’t have 60 days. He died.

The ethics involved in the decision regarding this Seattle resident are nil. There are no ethics here — only a judgemental edict handed down by a University of Washington Medical Center committee. The attached article does not give us the names of those committee members, nor the name of the doctor who denied the treatment.

In some places people who use "illicit substances" are automatically rejected. It won’t be long until tobacco is also an illicit substance. In effect that time is already here (see my article about denial of elective surgery.)

This is an unspeakably ugly trend, perpetrated on the American public for no reason, other than to intimidate. It is a disgrace upon the medical profession. They have now designated themselves "God," and decide who will live and who will die.



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