For a long time establishing “causality” no longer requires science but just junk epidemiology. However, let no one stop “progress” and further simplify the process. The pretence of a junk study is no longer needed: all it takes is the “expert” opinion of junk scientists, and the junk media (such as BBC has become) will rush to report the latest and greatest nonsense. A few more opinions like these, and it will become a “scientific consensus” — thus hard scientific evidence at the basis of some new prohibition. Yes, today it’s that simple! But what are we talking about?… The reason why we are (statistically) fat: the invention of the microwave oven!! Read the rest of the article and have fun – but also get the dark, deep and retrograde message of these “public health” representatives.

A few flags may be useful: "Co-op introduced the supermarket retail format to Britain, heralding the late 20th century food revolution in which prices have tumbled, car use rocketed, physical activity plummeted and the NHS was born which picks up the pieces." Let’s set the record straight: the NHS was (and is) a social contract to provide the British public with the medical care regardless of its lifestyle – it is not a saviour or a benefactor. In fact, the British public compulsorily pays for it. Thus it is no free service and it is not there to “pick up the pieces”. Thus it is no leader to follow to perdition hell. In short, the NHS is at the orders of the citizens (smokers and “fatsos” included), not the other way around.

The implied solutions? Physical activity must be mandated, cars suppressed and the cost of food must skyrocket! Is that how “public health” will “teach” the lower classes (the fattest and the smokiest) their place once again? Poor Thatcher, all that work for nothing: the class system is back in white coats!

The absurd message is not over yet. “…The current obesity epidemic can be tracked back to 1945 and the end of the Second World War. The end of the war saw technology starting to replace physical effort in both work and leisure.“ It does not take a rocket scientist to draw the conclusion that technology should be replaced with physical effort in a glorious return to the Middle Ages thanks to a “health-conscious”, “environment conscious” obscurantism. Too bad that then the average age was 30 or so. "We’re the only generation where there’s never been a shortage of food, so that’s a major thing." Food shortages, come back. Why, with all our "bad" habits and "epidemics", we are the longest-lived generation ever is not explained.

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