Our Multimedia section is now richer with a new section about the incredible story of Mike Kennedy, a Canadian who was interviewed by Gian Turci in a recent Round Table (more information here).

The corrupt antitobacco enterprise has all the ingredients of George Orwell’s 1984, and more. One of the state activities described in "1984" was that bureaucrats had the job of rewriting history to make it fit with the lies and the current policies of the state. This series of videos demonstrates what Canada and most of the world have become when it comes to “health”: Even the recordings of official and publicly paid meetings are edited to eliminate the display of any and all shreds of opposition to smoking bans. That is to fit the rewriting of the parameters of science and education and accommodate the greatest epidemiological fraud history has ever known in both seriousness and scale.

While still not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by active or passive smoking, the cultural engineering goes on to instigate hatred of smokers and install a “health” culture where the authorities don’t have to demonstrate to the people the soundness of their claims. Blatantly lying to the public they dispense the propaganda to justify repression and prohibition along with the violation of human and constitutional rights.

The effects of that brainwashing is visible even in the removed video segments that Mike Kennedy has kept and published, and that we reproduce in our multimedia. Inept and deluded speakers agree that “public health” must be “protected” (from the smokers!)… but…

What protection, if there is no danger? What prohibition, if no one has ever demonstrably died? Those fundamentals are still there, unchanged — but the Great Fraud on Smoking has been pounded into the heads of people to the point that even those who oppose prohibition concede that “smoking kills”, defeating themselves and their arguments with the very fraud the effects of which they are fighting every day. And they wonder why they are losing!

The issue is just one, as the fundamentals must always be kept in mind to avoid drifting: if the “authorities” are unable to demonstrate scientifically one death from active or passive smoking, any ban is an abuse and the authorities are liars. If lying authorities are obeyed, then institutional corruption is accepted as a way to govern through fraud and abuse.

If blind obedience to those authorities is a given, why then whine and complain? Just obey in silence – which is exactly what they want; at least you will preserve an appearance of dignity and self-esteem. If you forgot what self-esteem means (quite understandable today), click here to refresh your memory. To see an example of how the healthists pervert the definition of self-esteem, click here to read that the reason people are fat is because they don’t have self-esteem!

Here is a link to Smokerschoice.org. Click on the link below to access the new Multimedia Section.



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