A few days ago another indicator of the artificially-created tension between non-smokers and smokers, instigated by the public health authorities, was reported by all media in the UK. A woman was thrown onto the metro tracks after harassing two smokers (stored copy). “Two men have been arrested in connection with an incident in which a woman was pushed onto train tracks after telling two commuters to stop smoking. A 30-year-old and an 18-year-old man were arrested by British Transport Police following the altercation at Farningham train station, near Dartford, in Kent.”

This article goes on condemning the two smokers with the implicit intent of depicting all smokers as bad people, and predictably, it calls the assault “shocking”. We are not surprised at reaction to harassment. Of course, there is much more to the story – the untold part that matters: the ongoing, hectoring, vicious and vilfying torment of smokers, their “denormalization”, the steady campaign of hatred led by the government “health” authorities, who use false information about smoking and passive smoking to augment the hatred. Furthermore, if you look at the photos included with the article, the platform is in fully open air.

Is it too bad that things have come to this? You bet it’s too bad, it’s also by no means unprecedented in kind, it’s inevitable, and it’s not going to stop. Contemporary, lunatic, fanatical antismoking is as bad as bad gets. It’s divisive, hateful, and damnably evil. It’s got to be stopped. It’s going to be stopped. Smokers are going to fight back. They must.

The rest of the story is also described in this second article (stored copy), written by Victoria Coren and published by The Guardian. Victoria says it all: “On a bad day, I’d have shoved her off the platform myself. Of course, this is a horrible story. But not just because there are people who push other people on to railway tracks. This was not a meeting of good and evil. It was a meeting of bad and worse.”

She then goes on: “Shouting at the smokers, she did ‘what any good citizen might do’. She is ‘a woman unafraid to intervene when something is wrong’. She ‘highlights what ordinary people risk by confronting thugs’. Bollocks. Mrs Buchanan wasn’t being a hero, she was being a busybody.”

Amen! And, we add, there is nothing wrong with smoking, and everything wrong with antismoking. The through-and-through thugs are the instigators, the propagandists, and provoking antismokers. Of course there is reaction. Of course it can be forceful. Thugs invite treatment in kind. They don’t like it when they get it. So be it. What must be must be.

The antismoking thugs must learn that there are risks – serious risks – when harassing smokers, and that there will be consequences. When reason and peaceful coexistence fail, the only way left, unfortunately, is the use of force. If smokers don’t use force to defend themselves and make the antis aware that there shall be physical consequences in an endless escalation of brutality from both sides, the brutality will always be only with the antis, and the smokers will keep on being the victims. One cannot fight guns with flowers. Extreme degradation and violence against smokers, as our regular readers know, have become a commonplace.

Let us take this story, for example, once again from the UK (stored copy). Katy James, 17, smoker, was burned and tortured for hours because she smoked. “Miss James was also verbally abused, threatened with a knife, battered with a chair and foot-rest. She was forced to drink a glass containing urine and cigarette butts and made to eat chilli powder. Her hair and head were burnt when two aerosols were converted into ‘flame-throwers’. He said Kirby [one of the four antismoking torturers] instigated the violence claiming to have suffered a miscarriage because Miss James smoked near her.”

Nauseating events such as this are the product of antitobacco "education" in schools by the public health criminals. The only defence that smokers are left with (if they don’t want to bend over to sadistic abuse) is to use force to defend themselves from the antismoking thugs.

Smokers are being abused, beaten, and killed as an international pastime. Considering the circumstances at the metro station (and the fact that nothing serious happened to the busybody), the two men who threw her on the tracks showed restraint in comparison. There will be more smoker abuse. There will be more reaction. Think what you will of all or any of it, reaction will keep coming, as it must.

The public health "officials" themselves ride on a slow train bound for of justice. They deserve rich punishment indeed for continuing to lie to the public and instigate hatred. That too must come but it may not come for a long time yet. In the meantime, real people will stand up for themselves against daily harassment, forcefully in the here and now.

Antismoking thugs stand warned: when you see someone smoking, leave him alone and move off. If you intervene, the mass media antismoking thugs may paint you as a hero but – if you really care about your health as you claim – bear in mind that you may end up in a hospital.

We wish this could be different, but as the public health bastards raise the stakes every day, the situation gets worse every day. What happened at the metro station was a form of the inevitable. More and similar remains inevitable. The most extreme consequences may lead someone to put an end to the campaigns of hatred by “public health." That just end too is inevitable. Dignity, and the force of right, must reassert themselves, and so they will, continually, however they must.



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