A small victory in Barnsley, UK, where smokers won’t be banned from smoking outside as per a recent proposal of the health Gestapo.
That, of course, is small consolation, as smoking is still banned inside where it matters.

Members of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the FLVA and Barnsley LVA met with the leader of Barnsley Council today to discuss outside smoking ban proposals. After the meeting Lee Le Clercq, the BBPA’s regional secretary, said: "We had a useful meeting with council members and officials and we can now say categorically that there will be no ban on smoking in the open air in Barnsley or anywhere else for that matter. Whether this story originated from the ambitions of certain local politicians or from a misunderstanding between the council and local media, the matter is now clear. Customers will continue to smoke quite lawfully in the open air."

Good – but not good enough. Smokers must be able to smoke quite lawfully in the enclosed air too. Because it is their right. Because it is the right of the owner to choose. Because they don’t belong outside of hospitality locales — or outside of society. Because the discomfort of the intolerant non-smoker can be satisfied elsewhere, in a climate of freedom of choice.

The smoking bans are baseless vilification and oppression. Smokers harm no one with "passive smoking." The dangers of passive smoking are a fraud used by “public health” to deceive the public and bring smokers to submission and to drug stores, where they can but the nicotine produced by those who control “public health.”



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