MinnPost.com comments on Theatre Night defiance, there’s a rally, new reports on court dates, and the show goes on.
Defense attorney Mark Benjamin writes us:

Check out the article that came out at MinnPost.com (Link) (stored version). Unfortunately, the reporter doesn’t think much of our chances in the courts. Ha! She forgets that the MDH didn’t do anything for three weeks until March 5th (putting out a press release) and nothing legal until two weeks ago. Why would that be?


— Mark Benjamin

Activist Sheila Kromer also writes to update us on the Smokers’ Rights Rally slated for Saturday 3 May. (Link)

The very latest is that a new court date has been set for the trial ensuing from the ticket issued 14 March at Tank’s Bar. This misdemeanor case (distinct from the administrative law case involving the Department of Health versus Robert Ripley of the Bullseye Saloon: the court date for Ripley’s case is now reported as Tuesday 6 May) was to be heard, based on stipulation of fact, on Monday of this week. The prosecutor and defense counsel were not able to come to agreement on the facts at Tank’s bar. This required setting a new court date for a trial. That will be Friday 23 May. Press release from defense attorney Mark Benjamin’s office:

Criminal Defense, P.A.
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Press Release

NEW COURT DATE SET FOR FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008 AT 1:00 P.M.: Smoking Ban court trial of State of Minnesota v. Tom Marinaro at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Virginia, Minnesota.

The prosecutor and defense attorney spoke with St. Louis County District Court Judge James Florey today and set a court trial date of May 23rd at 1:00 p.m. The trial will take approximately one to two hours.

Our show goes on.



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