The Minnesota Legislature demonstrated recently that it just “can’t quit” on the smoker pogrom. The misdemeanor court case against Tank’s Bar will be heard today.
Despite all the hardships, the resistance, the earnest and desperate petitions for a return to fundamental free choice, the Minnesota Legislature dismissed without debate a proffered amendment to repeal the smoking ban, amidst an effort to allow hotel owners to penalize suspected smokers financially without limitation. The financial rape clause passed handily even as debate on the repeal proposal was contemptuously and absolutely denied. There shall be no holds barred in the smoker pogrom, while basic freedom, the Legislature has declared, is “not germane.” (Link) (stored)

Minnesota activist Sheila Kromer observes: “Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down. It is time for us to show them we will not put up with them legislating our behavior, not now or in our future. We have the power and we will use it come this November. There is plenty of time between now and November and as I promised, I will do the research on these legislators and publish it. Everyone will know where these legislators stand and thus whom to vote for this coming election.

“The idea that some of these legislators couldn’t care less about the economic hardships they have caused us just burns me! These people don’t represent us … they have their own agenda and must go! I would lay odds these same legislators want to take more freedom and personal choices away from us … I will find out. Do they really think that we, the people will not hold them accountable for their actions? Do they think since the session has ended that they are safe? Well, they’re not too smart, are they? Enough is enough and they will find that out.”


The misdemeanor trial of Thomas Marinaro, owner of Tank’s Bar at which Theatre Night presentations were held, is scheduled to take place today (Link). Tom is represented by Mark W. Benjamin. The prosecutor is Michael Kevin Kearney. The judge (pictured at right) is James B. Florey.

This case is distinct from the administrative law case pitting the Minnesota Department of Health against Robert Ripley and his Bullseye Saloon. Provided that his case is heard fairly Mister Marinaro should prevail. While distinctly adjudicated, the Marinaro judgement shall have bearing in the Ripley matter, as it will compel the attention of Judge Jerome Abrams. Abrams last week granted temporary injunction against the Bullseye. He will rule at a trial, likely to take place next month, on the legality of the MDH’s position.

We live in prohibitionist times. Many who sit on the judicial bench are in thrall to Healthist ideology. This hysterical view promotes a thoroughly bogus promise of “saving lives” to the exclusion of all other considerations. It is a contemptuously tyrannical view, essentially fanatical, impervious to reason. The pervasiveness of this sick viewpoint is a tragic but unavoidable fact of life in today’s society. Both Marinaro and Ripley appear to be ably represented. We wish them Godspeed and shall continue following Minnesota events closely.



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