"And now some grumble that bars employing Theater Night to avoid economic oblivion are disrespecting the law. Others whine that the ‘spirit’ of the law is being violated. We answer that our veterans and small business owners have been disrespected. We respond that the spirit of this smoking ban is mean-spirited."
So said defense attorney Mark W. Benjamin in announcing an address to a conference of managers of Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion clubs in Minnesota to take place on Tuesday 11 March. We applaud the continuing momentum of the "Theatre Night" defiance. It has been effective in making the tyrant sweat.

Of course, Anti knows no bounds, and continuing efforts at oppression, based on profound disrespect and no reason whatever, can be expected here as elsewhere. The Minnesota tyrants are raving and threatening as such always do in these situations.

Ultimately this fight will expand beyond the theatrical performance loophole. The fundamental issues of intellectual fraud and institutional corruption will come to the fore. This will be the case in Minnesota as everywhere that Healthist ideology now descends.

Legal redress will require vast resources. This can come in time, but must be accompanied by continuing and blatant defiance, by organized protest, and all in all by immense social disruption which can make continuing institutional contempt and oppression practicably untenable. It’s going to be a long war on many fronts.

The Minnesota group (www.freedomtoact.com) has started a donation drive, to expand their activities, and for a legal fund. This is a worthy cause. Inquire via email, mail, or telephone via contacts shown at the Freedom to Act web site.

Recent news coverage of the Minnesota events was provided by WCCO-TV, which evidences its bias by closing its printed article with a quote from a lone smoking ban proponent amongst Benjamin’s Tuesday audience (a woman terrorized by "passive smoking" rhetoric), even while admitting that "almost everyone was supportive" of his message of smoking ban defiance. Click to read and view: (Article) (Stored Article) (Video). Mark has also impressed that the movement will not back down under tyrannical threats, in an interview with KSTP-TV, for which click: (Video).



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