The San Francisco Chronicle should consider incorporating itself as a non-profit, tax exempt church. With circulation rates plunging far faster than the smoking rates, it may be the only way to maintain any relevancy. It certainly is a faith-based institution.

For those fortunate enough not to have ever looked at a hard copy version of the paper a brief description of this past Sunday’s edition is in order. "Sanctuary for nonsmokers" screams the headline in the real estate supplemental. "Former church becomes first tobacco-free apartments for low-income senior" continues the sub-headline underneath the picture of a faux Romanesque structure, once a place of worship for Christian Scientists. Within is the happy tale of two old biddies who are ecstatic to have scored a unit in this, the first "tobacco-free" apartment building in San Francisco. Their happiness is tainted with the zealotry so common to the militant anti-smoker. All apartment buildings should be like this, says one.

People may be surprised that San Francisco isn’t one of the pioneers in creating a smoker-free housing situation. The reason is that in this town, as well as most of California, real estate is even a bit more sacred than the church of anti-smoking. Owners are very reluctant to impose restrictions that make their properties less valuable. Banning smokers by definition reduces the pool of people willing and able to pay the nation’s highest housing prices. Jerk-water burgs like Belmont and Calabasas, which have, by law, mandated anti-smoker policies in multi-unit property, are anomalies.

The state’s Tobacco Control Section is working hard to derail that widespread tolerance. Funded entirely by a cigarette tax, the local Control Sections, one per county, spend smokers’ money devising ways to discriminate against and demonize smokers. As described in the article: hampered by custom and the law, the local commissars, like Alyonik Hrushow, chip away remorselessly at the remnants of a once civil society. Hrushow is personally and fanatically determined to remove all smokers from California. Setting up "smoke-free" apartment buildings, first by pressure, ultimately by law, she and her comrades work for the day when smokers are herded into smaller and smaller territories that ultimately will disappear completely. Their model is the Warsaw ghetto of World War Two.

The article provides us with a plethora of "information" about the hazards of secondhand smoke, a recitation of lies produced by the methodology that has yet to find any evidence to back up the conclusion that nonsmokers are harmed by wisps of tobacco smoke. The reporter is obviously ignorant so may get a mental deficiency pass for propagating lies but Alyonik Hrushow knows full well that epidemiology has never been able to present a study that would warrant government action on secondhand smoke. She is, in short, a bald-faced liar, just as were the Nazis that eliminated Jews in Europe. The two cheerful tobacco-phobes who’ve found a refuge from dreaded secondhand smoke are merely silly-billies but what can Hrushow, who pursues an agenda of pure evil, be called?



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