At 81 years of age, Queen Elizabeth no doubt remembers the horrors of the Nazi bombing attacks on her beloved homeland and most certainly lost many friends and relatives who paid the ultimate price fighting to preserve freedom and a way of life for a proud people.

A way of life that is under attack again. Not by a foreign dictator with bombs and bullets but by what should be considered an even more insidious and dangerous foe. A steady and relentless barrage that comes from within and is so carefully crafted that sometimes it’s even greeted with cheering and applause by the very people being suppressed.
Now, some 60 years later, the Queen is rankling the rank and file of the Nazi-inspired and big-pharma financed religion of health-and-safety with statements that question the government’s role in meddling in citizen’s affairs. Her refusal to put up no-smoking signs in areas used by the royal family and their aides makes it pretty clear what her intentions are. Yup….smoking in the palace. "She has made it clear to courtiers she would have preferred to continue offering ash trays to visitors and allow them to indulge in their habit." It’s a pretty fair bet she will continue the, now shameful, practice of tolerance and good manners towards her guests.
She obviously has no patience for these crusaders. "….she refuses to wear a hard hat when she is out riding and she refuses, too, to wear a seat belt when she travels by car."
The nannies may have to stop in at Buckingham Palace and smack the Queen around a bit……until she learns to behave.

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