Yes, intelligence indeed abounds in antitobacco. We call to the attention of our readers to this document by Mr. Polito (, called Nicotine Dependency Denormalization Ordinance/Statute.

Wow. In all truth we have to say that the Constitution of the United States is far less pompous.

If the document was not so full of junk science, ideological antismoking trash presented as “given”, “scientific” facts placed as preface to an equally deranged proposal, it would make us laugh instead of crying.

We let the reader who alerted us about this new, pitiful stunt tell the story and make the considerations. We only have this to add: we have been waiting for the last three and a half years now for an answer from Mr. Polito concerning a question we posed. The question was about him showing us one scientifically demonstrable death caused by smoking. We are still waiting – and we’ll wait forever, since neither Mr. Polito, nor the Surgeon General of the United States nor the WHO can demonstrate it.

Millions of deaths are counted and spoken of each year, and not even one can be demonstrated. Not even one. It is all a fraud spoken by shysters and paid by fools at the tune of billions of dollars. It is the greatest collective delusion in human history. Here are the comments of the reader.

“…What’s especially wondrous is the proposal to restrict tobacco sales to indoors only (there goes the livelihood of all those street corner newsstand vendors) or, as he puts it, to places with doors that can keep "youth" out by, among other things, posting a prominent sign on the door:


The levels of hilarity don’t even stop with the inherent inanity.

Consider. "Youths" who had no reason to know that tobacco was being sold in some store they hadn’t entered (and thus would never see it and be ‘evilly’ influenced) are now informed of its presence as they walk down the street — tobacco is being sold!!. A free ad! On top of that they’re told that just because they’re "youth," meaning "under 18," or even "under 21" they’re not allowed to enter — not even to buy an apple, thus defining "forbidden fruit." And training them early that "the law is an ass."

Finally, there’s the admission that… signage apparently works! Even "youths" are ostensibly smart enough to read a sign on a door and thus avoid any encounter with a sealed pack of Kools, but "adults" aren’t smart enough to read a sign on a door and thus avoid any encounter with a place where the stuff is smoked.

Oh, Lord…”

If you visit Polito’s page, please scroll down and look at the picture of the usual two children (Red alert!!! One of them is about to pick up junk food!!) who are looking at signs with the price of… cigarettes! Oh, God!! Doesn’t that make your bleeding heart bleed? How sad! How terrible!!! In 75 years or so, those children may even turn into statistical deaths! There’s gotta be a law against that, no?…

Oh, Lord indeed. Antismoking intelligence (and integrity) is everywhere… that’s why we are going bankrupt!



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