If you ask the British, many will tell you that their nation has gone bonkers, but of course such a poll will never be done because it would be contrary to the social engineering agenda.

It is unquestionable, however, that Britain is sick with healthism and paranoia. You name it, they’ve got it: cameras in the streets galore, war on smoking, on alcohol, on fat; speed hammers, rewriting of history (i.e.: take tobacco out of the mouths of historical figures), violation of privacy, loss of citizens’ personal data, paternalism no end, stupid rhetoric on health and environment, violence… should we go on?

The Great Patient of the West has no need to envy California, Canada or Australia when it comes to repressive policies and utter contempt for liberty and the citizen’s personal choice. The latest product of its healthist disease is a proposal to ban cigarette vending machines and tanning salons. The ideological trash is always the same: “The proposals come in a new five-year cancer strategy, which says half the 230,000 new cancer cases every year could be avoided by lifestyle changes including eating, drinking and sunbathing less”, and so is the false junk science, such as “The cancer reform strategy proposes more restrictions on the sale of cigarettes to further reduce the incidence of lung cancer”. The assumption is also always the same, that smoking causes lung cancer – and so is the eternal question and answer. The question is: “can you prove scientifically that just one lung cancer has been caused by smoking?” The most common answer to that is silence, followed by “authoritative” circular references that lead to more epidemiological trash studies but never to proven causality and, last but not least, a rhetorical sermon that is as offensive as it is stupid.

Clearly all those things have been tried in other countries and the only result they produced was social oppression and disintegration, as well as economic damage, while the cancer rates just stayed the same.

Needless to say, the idiocy of “public health” immediately comes up with a glaring contradiction: “Spending on NHS cancer services has trebled since 2000, but Britain’s survival rates are on par with east European countries such as Poland and Slovenia, which spend far less on care.” To any intelligent observer that should indicate that the latest mumbo-jumbo on health is damaging and useless – but intelligence and truth certainly do not belong to bureaucracy-driven “public heath”, whose retarded administrators think instead that more prohibition and repression is the cure and not the disease.

The final sledge-hammered point cannot be missing in the symphony of idiocy: “Cancer is the leading cause of premature death in the UK, and one-quarter of all deaths in England are caused by the disease.” Of course: we never lived so long, and cancer is a natural (not unnatural) cause of death, like heart disease or anything else.

…And could these idiots enlighten us on the definition of mature death, please?…



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