We have to say that the quality of the trash generated by Tobacco Control all over the world is getting worse. Actually, it is going beyond the beyond. Michael Siegel agrees.

The latest and greatest is a "revolutionary" trash study on passive smoking. Well, you already “know” that passive smoking may kill your canary, that it is responsible for the bad marks that your kid gets at school, that it “causes” in-grown toenails and so on. You also know that 30 minutes – no, 5 minutes – no, 1 minute – no, 30 seconds of passive smoking exposure can cause a heart attack.

But you don’t know it all, because you don’t know this “study”.

Exposure to passive smoking can addict your child to nicotine! – Yes, you read that right: passive smoking is addictive.

“A new study published online ahead of print in the journal Addictive Behaviors has concluded that secondhand smoke exposure, especially in a car, may cause nicotine dependence among children who have never themselves smoked.”

The mass-media, lackeys of public health, have already widely reported this umpteenth piece of con work everywhere as if it were serious stuff.

You’ve got to read Siegel’s piece to really understand how crooked and deranged these Tobacco Control people are, and how deeply dishonest and incompetent the mass-media, which reported this garbage, have become; otherwise it may be hard to believe.

Do you think that they measured nicotine exposure from passive smoking? Of course not, because extensive exposure to passive smoking cannot be measured – and the lack of ability to measure exposure is what makes ALL the studies on passive smoking works of deception as well as trash. So, what did they do to establish that passive smoking is addictive?

Ask questions of the kids, of course!

Don’t laugh, yet. Read the questions first – and remember that they were asked of non-smoking persons. Can we say leading, what do you think?… This is the passive smoking “science”, folks!

"Do you find it difficult not to smoke in places where it is not allowed (at a movie theatre, at home if your parents don’t know you smoke)?"
"How physically addicted to smoking cigarettes are you?"
"How mentally addicted to smoking cigarettes are you?"
"How often do you have cravings to smoke cigarettes?"
"How often have you felt like you really need a cigarette?"
"When you see other kids your age smoking cigarettes, how easy is it for you not to smoke?"
"[Do you] sometimes have strong cravings for cigarettes where it feels like [you are] in the grip of a force that [you] cannot control?"

“Answering ‘yes’ or ‘sometimes’ to any one of these questions yes puts you into the addicted category for the analysis upon which the authors based their conclusions”, Siegel continues. (emphasis added)

All the answers are unverifiable, of course, in perfect passive smoking "science" stile. By the way, those are not questions: they are ANSWERS with a question mark at the end! … Can we say a little leading?… But socially irresponsible and ideologically diseased media report this as "science", legitimizing fraud and con men to advance the persecution of smokers.

“Although the Helena-like studies are poorly conducted, I have to say that this is probably the shoddiest piece of research that I have seen published in tobacco control in a long time. Newspaper headlines are now telling the public that children can become hooked on smoking merely through secondhand smoke exposure – without ever having taken a puff of a cigarette themselves!!! That might sound implausible, but when you see the basis for that conclusion, you’re going to be amazed”, Siegel writes to us.

We agree – and remember, what you see here is just a teaser. Read the rest on Siegel’s blog.

But remember: the anti-tobacco bastards are not as stupid as they look. This trash is to set the foundation for laws that impose bans at home, thus violating the last bastion of private property rights, and smashing down your home’s door to control your life for everything else.

As we keep on saying, Tobacco Control must be destroyed – no matter the cost – before it destroys you.



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