In 1997 Tony Blair came to power in the UK with a promise of transforming the National Health Service but 10 years later a person was more likely to come out of a UK hospital in worse health than when they went in and patients were regularly dying in hospital corridors for lack of beds.
Blair’s response to this was NOT to admit that he had got it badly wrong, but to blame the British public for getting ill in the first place. He then announced a new initiative "Healthy Living" in which he advised people to stop smoking, drinking and eating too much as well as suggesting they "walk up and down the stairs".

Since then there have been many horror stories of people being refused treatment in UK hospitals and the NHS has spent millions on demonising what the authorities deem as "unhealthy" lifestyles with a constant barrage of TV and other media adverts. These adverts have become as barbaric as leaving a person with broken bones to suffer unless they conform to the lifestyle choices of those who profess to know better.

Recently the NHS Primary Care Trust in Birmingham North and East released a graphically violent video which shows a smoker getting beaten to death. If such blatant and violent discrimination had taken place in the South African Apartheid regime the world would have reacted in uproar yet in the "modern" West such activity by Government institutions doesn’t even raise an eyebrow from those in power.

Freelance Journalist and Forces International Columnist Pat Nurse however wasn’t prepared to let it go. In conjunction with Freedom To Choose and a local UKIP MP, Pat attended a meeting with those responsible for the video. Her report of that meeting can be read here.

Additionally, FORCES International CEO Steve Cross has written about the excuses offered by the NHS here.



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