As we all know, smoking has become the constant to which all evils are compared.

The latest and greatest shooting star through the universe of BS is a “revelation” that is worth reporting — to illustrate once again the deranged mentality that seems to prevail today.

“Scientists have identified a new form of air pollutant which replicates the damage to humans caused by cigarette smoke.”

Of course! Never mind that the causality-mortality has never been demonstrated: we are talking about faith, here.

The short piece reports on the discovery of short-lived free radicals exhausted by cars: “Breathing in the exhaust from a passing car might result in their inhalation”. My God what a terrible thing, brief inhalation! In fact: “Unfortunately the particles have a lasting damaging effect once inhaled”.

So, not only do you have to tremble when a whiff of passive smoke hits you, coming from the cigarette of the killer near you (it may give you instant heart attack! *), but you must also tremble when a car passes by, it may kill you too (have you ever noticed that cars’ tailpipes look suspiciously like cigarettes?…). But don’t just stop there: feel trapped (that is good for increasing paranoia and to make you prone to accept more prohibition and regulation), because “We found that persistent radicals can last indefinitely on airborne fine particles. So you’re never going to get away from them”. Wow… smell it once, you are screwed forever!

Come on, let us eliminate cars too, and smoke stacks, chimneys, and anything else that may “threaten” our precious health! Let’s go back to before the industrial revolution and its filthy pollution – when people never got cancer because most of them died before reaching 50! The deranged implication of this mentality is that, were we to exist in a perfectly controlled environment – no particles, gases, radiation, etc. – we would have no disease whatsoever because there would be no cause for disease. The further implication is that, if not forever, we could at least expect to live well over 100 years of boring life under the aforementioned glass bells. Quality of life is now measured by the number of years, very much like bureaucrats value documents in pounds rather than contents. To that effect, the EU constitution is "more advanced" and "progressive" of the US one becase it has hundreds of thousands of words versus the mere 3,000 or so of the American one.

Be that as it may, explanations are to be administered to justify why non smokers catch the same diseases of smokers, given that smoking is the cause of all disease. So, you see, if it wasn’t for the car emissions and the short whiffs of deadly exposures, it could be demonstrated that lung cancer, stroke, and hundreds of other diseases attributed to smoking would indeed be caused by smoking because they would not occur in non smokers, who wisely chose the path of health by not picking up the habit.

Summation: zero exposure and total abstinence are the key to eternal health, as disease has causality only in exposures and “wrong” lifestyles.

Go climb a tree. We have grown wise of your stupidity.

* Curiously enough, the smokers themselves do not seem to be instantly killed by their own passive smoking — but this mystery is never explained by the BS propaganda. Could that be an admission that non smokers are genetically inferior to smokers?… You’ll never know, with the revival of Nazi health ideology, anything is possible!



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