In Florida, even as North Miami has dropped a municipal government ban on employing persons who use tobacco, Sarasota County institutes the hateful policy. Smokers, you see, don’t deserve to live. They don’t deserve shelter: not anywhere, not even substandard and segregated shelter, everybody knows that. They don’t deserve an income either, or homes, food, care for their families, or anything at all. Smokers, you see, are not citizens of the places where they live, they’re simply pigs, and only deserve to die.

Sarasota ignores the experience of North Miami, which found repugnance with its employment ban, and also that, “Our insurance company said obesity was a bigger issue than smoking.” Indeed, impoverishing fat people may become the new craze, so watch for that. It’s noted that “Florida is not among the 29 states that have so-called ‘lifestyle discrimination’ laws that restrict businesses from making hiring decisions based on applicants’ personal lives.” Hateful elitists will take advantage of that in any way our increasingly hateful society allows.

An internet reader comments following this news article: “The land of the free? Who values freedom anymore? The policy is blatant discrimination hiding behind a questionable sense of public good. If research showed that government would save on retirement benefits by hiring smokers, would the County ban the hiring of nonsmokers? Of course not.”

A “questionable sense of public good” is a notably tame description for vicious hatred exercised via humiliation and economic ruination. The day for revenge is coming. Help it happen.



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