Those who recite the line that “active and passive smoking kill” have been caught taking payolas from Big Pharma, once again, in Italy.
"Public health" was paid off to whitewash and promote a very dubious pharmaceutical. The chemical name of the drug is Nimesulide. The commercial name is Aulin. It is produced by Roche. Aulin is a multi-purpose anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Many of our readers may not know of it because it was never approved in the United States and Japan, and it was pulled off the market in 2002 by Spain and Finland, and in 2007 by Ireland.

Why? Because those who use it often develop liver lesions or total liver failure. The damage occurs rapidly after the use of the product. This is unlike the "smoking-attributed" disease that can occur after 40 or 50 years of habitual smoking. Such "attributions" are opinions: there is no disease unique to smokers. Aulin on the other hand demonstrably and immediately affects the livers of persons young and old, the adverse side effects can appear suddenly, and can devastate healthy livers quickly, and irrecoverably.

Everywhere else where the drug is still commercialized, it is available only through prescription, but in Italy it is available over the counter. Those who, in this country, highlight the obvious dangers of the drug are shouted down with the reverse of the lie that is used to counter those who point out the obvious benefits of smoking. The "authorities" always say the potential benefits of smoking must be ignored: focus only on the risks. With Big Pharma’s Aulin they have said: ignore the risks, focus only on the possible benefits.

When Ireland removed the drug from the market entirely in 2007, the Italian mass-media, which as in most nations toadies to its Big Pharma advertisers*, behaved predictably. Softball interviews with crooked "authorities" appeared. The public was reassured that Aulin “safe.” Many knew it was not and said so. Their opinions were ignored by the mainstream press (watch this video of the main Italian TV channel, RAI 1 – Italian). Once again, the weight of pharmaceutical advertising counts more than the truth, and lies spoken by cons in white coats are presented as gospel.

The situation changed a few days ago. Why? The answer is in a two-minute movie recorded with sophisticated spying technology by the Italian police. In the movie, big stacks of Euros clearly change hands from the Big Pharma crooks to the “public health” crooks – specifically, those of AIFA, the Italian equivalent of the American FDA. The bundles changed hands with a specific request, clearly recorded: “Leave Aulin alone.”

The investigation actually started in 2006 (please note that the antismoking mass-media crooks “reassured” the population in 2007!), and now a good number of people are behind bars, where they belong, including Big Pharma executives Matteo Mantovani, Sante Di Renzo, Mario Umbri, Piera Campanella, and Francesca Fiorenza. A sixth Big Pharma representative is believed to have fled the country.

AIFA executive Pasqualino Rossi is also in jail. Another AIFA executive, Antonella Bove, has been placed under house arrest. Yet another Italian "public health" official, Nello Martini, denies being investigated. However, it is reported that, in line with a related investigation, police taped a conversation between Martini and top dogs of Glaxo, which took place in a "bugged" Verona hotel room.

The trial is scheduled for July 31st in Rome. Readers may note that AIFA is a relatively new agency. AIFA was founded fifteen years ago to replace a similar institution called the CUF. The CUF had been dissolved following on another pharmaceutical corruption scandal concerning HIV and hepatitis B and C.

The corruption goes on and on. Do not misconstrue that Italy is uniquely corrupted by pharmaceutical interests. Do not assume that "things are better" elsewhere. The blatant prostitution of the health establishment to Big Pharma is a global plague that really effects every nation today equally. It reached the vertex of international “public health” (i.e. the World Health Organization) long ago.

Once again, all one has to do to convince himself of this pervasive corruption is to look at the incredible, blatant lies and frauds on active and passive smoking vomited by the health “authorities” all over the world. The plague of anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol, anti-food, and anti-life, together with the promotion of often dangerous pharmaceuticals to everyone who does or does not need them, is a truly international scandal.

This latest Italian episode is just a tip on an iceberg. The pharmaceutical cancer is everywhere, and it has permeated every fibre of society with its Healthist ideology. The next big epidemiological frauds on alcohol and food are already lined up, the World Health Organization has become newly energized, and the rotten “public health” authorities have started beating the drum louder than ever to engineer our culture, values, and behaviour – and to turn us all into Big Pharma consumers.

Big Pharma is the enemy to destroy, for it is the driving force behind “public health’s” deranged policies. In the meantime, “public health” authorities are not to be believed – so smoke in public, eat and drink as you please: the “anti” laws are based on their frauds.

The links below are to a major Italian daily.

* Look at what they say about active and passive smoking to promote pharmaceutical smoking cessation trash!



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