More people have joined the FORCES complaint presented to ORI against the lack of integrity of the 2006 Surgeon General’s Report on passive smoking.

The complaint to the ORI has been widely advertised by FORCES to the mass media through press releases, although we were sure that it would have been largely ignored. Once again, we were correct.

The novice in the fight against the antismoking institutional fraud would wonder why the mass media would ignore such a water-tight denunciation of the corruption this high United States authority, caught in a blatant deception of the American people and, consequently, of the entire world; but such wonder, in itself, would explain why the novice is… a novice!

The novice, in fact, tends to be naïve enough to think that media and institutions have – at least sometimes – some integrity and an interest in revealing the truth – and in this case the truth is also sensational enough, as it involves the government and the Surgeon General!

Not so. The inexperienced observer may not yet know that the function of the media is to make sure – and to confirm – that everybody believes that passive smoking is harmful to the health of people, so that smoking bans are supported. Such belief (and the fraudulent foundations from which it stems) must be "protected" on the bases that:

Many people do not like the smell of tobacco, but they need a “rational” reason to bully their neighbours: what’s better than “self defence” in order not to look like arrogant bastards?
The belief rests on another couple of beliefs: (1) that active smoking "kills" (and that is why ears get plugged when you say that not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking), and (2) that public smoking prohibition will “help” decrease the number of smokers, which is “good” because of belief (1). The glaring realities that smoking prohibition does not decrease the number of smokers, but only creates economic damage, must be ignored because these inconvenient truths are contrary to ideology and political agenda. Media must be "socially responsible" to the ideology: for example, in the USSR it was “scientifically demonstrated” that the flowers grew healthier and bigger if exposed to the notes of the International Socialist anthem, remember?… How little Man changes!
The denunciation of the fraudulence of the Surgeon General’s Report in particular, and passive smoking in general, would deservedly remove public credibility from “health” institutions, with the presumed result that fewer people would try to quit smoking. That, in turn, would mean a decrease in sales of smoking cessation drugs and antidepressants, and would go against the interest of the industry that is the largest advertising sponsor of the media: Big Pharma.

It is also possible (actually, very probable) that ORI will try to bury the complaint for political reasons and in spite of its proclaimed mandate to protect scientific integrity. We can understand that: the ideological and political fish is simply too big to swallow.

Our recent telephone call to ORI on the status of our complaint revealed the following:

The first thing that they determine is whether the complaint falls under their jurisdiction.
If it does not, they will do nothing and "maybe" tell us as much.
They are not obligated to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint.
The approximate time frame for action? Unknown, maybe months.

For more information on how cases are handled, see the following on ORI’s website

Handling Misconduct – Complainant
Handling Misconduct – ORI Oversight Review
Handling Misconduct – Inquiry Issues, see point 9
Policies – Regulation Q&A

Be that as it may, we will continue in the denunciation of the institutional fraud, and in the meantime we thank the groups and individuals that have adhered to the complaint. Here they are:

New signatories:

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
C.A.G.E. (Citizens Against Government Encroachment)
Iro Cyr, Blainville, Qc, Canada
Mandy Vincent, Cambs, United Kingdom
Caroline Freeman, Leicester, United Kingdom
A.J.G, United Kingdom
A. J. Davis, Bath, United Kingdom
January Oaten, Taunton, United Kingdom
Pamela L. Parker, Grove City, Ohio, United States
Deanna Spencer, Grove City, Ohio, United States
Keith A. Parker, Grove City, Ohio, United States
Dayton Ables, Sutton, West Virginia, United States

Original signatories:

Netzwerk Rauchen – Forces Germany
Forces Italiana
Freedom to Choose
The Heartland Institute
Reason Foundation
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions

For further information about the complaint and on how to become part of it, click on the link below.



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