Smoking bans do not reduce heart attack according to a new study done by Duke Clinical Research Institute, presented to the American Cancer Society, which may or may not be published. Odds are it won’t since it doesn’t come to the correct conclusion.

Tim Warstall of Forbes Magazine has concluded that "There’s been much crowing in recent years, as the smoking bans roll out across the country (indeed, across countries), about how heart attack rates are falling as a result. These claims are accompanied by the statistics from one area or another and of course a significant drop in heart attacks just as the smoking ban becomes active in that area.

The sad thing is that, if we consider these claims along the lies, damned lies and statistics continuum, the researchers are in the technical term, lying through their teeth."

We have been saying that for decades!

Dr Michael Siegel (Dr. Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health) also agrees as does Christopher Snowdon in England.

You can review the study here.



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