As FORCES reported earlier, the EU has recommened targeting "high profile" and "prominent" violators for anti-smoking show trials. This revelation came from Germany’s Das Bild newspaper, as reported by "Velvet Glove, Iron Fist" author Christopher Snowdon on his blog.

At the time, FORCES was unable to locate the document originally referenced by Das Bild online. Mr. Snowdon has now unearthed the document, and it’s available here.

On the page numbered c 296/13, article 43, the document reads as originally reported: the EU reccomends targeting particular individuals for smoking violations on the basis of their prominence and subjecting them to "high-profile prosecutions".

As Mr. Snowdon notes on his blog, it’s now reported that UK Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has now called for two well-known musicians who smoked on stage to "be prosecuted to make an example of them".

Coincidence? It’s difficult to say. If nothing else, it’s clear that the institutional anti-smoking brigade marches in lockstep in its methods of oppression.

An article from the UK’s The Independent quoting ASH spokeswoman Amanda Sandford’s recommendation that Gorillaz lead singer Damon Albarn and another musician be "made an example of" is linked below.



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