We present our readers with another enjoyable piece on the lies by Al Gore on global warming. Amongst many interesting things, we read…

“…The British High Court, following an appeal by a vexed parent, blocked the government’s decision to distribute the film to every British secondary school. The court ruled that the partisan, ideologically charged film is deceptive in at least 11 aspects. By law, any teacher who wishes to present the documentary in a classroom in Britain must not only identify the specious "truths" to students, but also preface the film with a disclaimer that it is a political work promoting only one side of the debate. Should any instructor fail to do so, he or she would be in breach of the Education Act of 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination.”

Well done, bravo, kudos. But we have a question: why doesn’t that apply to political indoctrination against smoking – or at least passive smoking, that is instead presented in schools as gospel? After all, the “scientific” evidence against passive smoking is by far junkier than that used by Gore for his political agenda.

Don’t worry, tobacco control operatives: the question is both useless and rhetorical. In real life, you can teach us that there are two types of lies: those that earn you the Nobel prize but cannot be taught in schools, and those who don’t (yet) earn you such prize, but are mandatory in schools.

Happy reading and smoking.



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