We link to the newsletter of the Research & Education Foundation, Sligo General Hospital. Why?

Well, just click on the Prof. Luke Clancy on Tobacco Control jump key and look for yourself. It reads:

“Prof. Luke Clancy on Tobacco Control

Prof. Luke Clancy delivered a lecture on the current state of affairs in Tobacco Control in May 2007. The event was sponsored by Pfizer Healthcare Ireland and chaired by Dr. Joe McKenna, SGH. Prof. Luke Clancy who is Cons Respiratory Physician, Dir General of the Tobacco Free Research Institute and Chairman of ASH Ireland, was a leading figure in the campaign for the introduction of the Smoking Ban implemented in Ireland in March 2004.”

The smoking ban is painted, of course, as an achievement – and indeed it is: the achievement of a criminal gang imposign an epidemiological fraud as a way of life for the Irish people: the victory of corruption over truth and freedom.

But that is not even the point. The point is that wherever there is Big Pharma there is ASH. In fact, in this case the entire foundation seems to be a marionette of Pfizer. Just a few days ago we published a “love letter” by Clive Bates to GlaxoSmithKline, documenting the involvement of ASH UK with the pharmaceutical giant. Now we have further evidence that Luke Clancy, the local Tobacco Control and ASH Ireland have strong ties with Pfizer.

It follows that – like most of Tobacco Control all over the world – ASH is a tainted organization and whatever it says on the effects of smoking on health does not have to be believed because it is corrupted by special interests.

Not even one death of disease can be demonstrated to be caused uniquely by smoking, nor is it possible to quantify the contribution of smoking – if any – to any death or diseases.



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