From JunkFood Science, the formidable blog that debunks statistical frauds on fat as much as FORCES debunks statistical frauds on smoking comes amusing debunking of the latest garbage from “public health”.
Read it and see if it is not identical to the antitobacco frauds in virtually all respects. These are the people that the media respect — and report faithfully! Here is a teaser from Sandy Szwarc (emphasis added):

Feb. 15 – “Today provided one of the most extreme examples of medical marketing, with 2,090 news stories all appearing on precisely the same day, in media around the world, and all saying the same thing: a new study claimed to have found overweight or obesity to be associated with higher risks for cancers.

"Regular JFS readers no doubt simply rolled their eyes at the desperation in another data dredge — that couldn’t report a single, solitary higher risk above random chance — claiming a link between fat and cancer.

"Since reruns are boring and readers have already overdosed on fat and cancer stories, you may be most interested in what the news left out of the story…”

Who can disagree with the bottom line?

"The sad part of science by press release, isn’t just the harmful, agenda-driven scares lodged against those our society currently finds undesirable, but all of the medical news that goes unreported because it doesn’t come with a press release, advertisers and major advertising firms."

Keep on eating: there is as much scientific proof on fat and cancer as there is on smoking and cancer — and no, lifestyle epidemiology is NOT science — and quack epidemiologists are NOT scientists!

Lastly, smokers, drinkers and fat people are society too, and our society finds their healthist society not merely undesirable, but thoroughly nauseating.



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