Officers told her that "rights" were "only in the movies". This story should frighten and enrage you.

In Western Colorado near New Castle a SWAT team broke into a family home and abducted an 11-year old boy, taking him to a hospital where a doctor said the family should keep ice on his bruise, the treatment his family was already providing.

This article by Bob Unruh goes on to tell us of the horror and humiliation suffered by this family. This was all over a minor injury the boy had suffered 36 hours previously to the SWAT invasion. The kid was fine and the parents didn’t feel he needed hospitalization. Officialdom belatedly disagreed in a very big way.

It now seems that the Nazis among us not only impose smoking bans but feel free to send in SWAT teams whenever they so desire. Did you ever think you would be frightened to live in the United States of America? What a lot of turning around we need!



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