From the desk of Sven Larson: "When it comes to tax revenues, legislators across the country are willing to operate with very low moral standards. People’s addictions to tobacco and alcohol are already being taxed. Marijuana taxes are gaining ground, as are gambling taxes. In Ohio the state and local governments are trying to get their hands on more gambling tax revenues, leading to generous agreements with casino companies".
"The question whether or not it should be legal to gamble or smoke pot should always be kept separate from the greedy economic interests of government. When politicians think with their budgets and not their moral compasses, they tend to go trawling in very muddy waters for more revenue. Tobacco and alcohol taxes were originally sold as a way to deter smoking and drinking, but have now become indispensable sources of tax revenue. If we add gambling and marijuana taxes, then what comes next? Will the greed for more tax revenues drive politicians to legalize prostitution?"

"Or will the moral decay that comes with each new addiction tax serve as a wake-up call regarding the role of government in our lives?"

Our legislators need to find their backbone. Raise taxes across the board and stop using "sin taxes" as a way to raise money. The behavior modification agenda is a failure, people still smoke, drink, eat, gamble and smoke pot. They will continue to do so. For many people life is a constant struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table. They will never retire, they will work until they are in the grave. If a cig and a beer gets them through the day in their constant battle to remain afloat, what is wrong with that?



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