Canadian “public health” has killed yet another person with its smoking ban.

“The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating the death of an elderly man whose frozen body was found outside a personal care home last week. The body of Barry Collen, 74, was discovered around 4:30 a.m. on Jan. 2 outside the SharonHome at Kanee Centre, a 157-bed personal care home in the city’s William Whyte neighbourhood. Members of Collen’s family say they have been told he went into the care home’s courtyard around 1 a.m. to have a cigarette. The temperature was around –20 C the night of Collen’s death, with a wind chill of –31.”

What is slightly wrong with this picture, aside from the obvious murder of the victim? (Please don’t say that it is not murder: “public health” has created unnecessary conditions of danger by forbidding the construction of at least a smoking room indoors.) Let’s see: what do you think that the conclusions of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority will be after the investigation of a death the circumstances of which have been unquestionably created by the “health authority”? Would you entrust the investigation of a Mafia crime to the Mafia?

See, in fact, how the frame to exonerate “public health” is already set by … “public health”: ‘Collen was able-bodied, Cloutier said, and was allowed to come and go from the building at will. "To go into the courtyard area, [the lock] is coded. I understand he did know the code. To get in, you don’t require the code — it’s an unlocked door to get back in," he said. "We don’t know why he wasn’t able to get back in." ‘

In four different instances in three lines there is a reference to Collen’s will — to deflect the inescapable reality that, through the smoking ban, the circumstances that led to the death of the victim have been created. They play innocent, then stupid: “We don’t know why he wasn’t able to get back in”. If it wasn’t macabre, the answer would be hilarious: because he was already dead. Would you deem any 74-year-old "able-bodied" to go out in twenty below zero weather? Would you force anyone out in such weather to smoke? If you would you’re an S.O.B. and willfully a murderer, so shake hands with the directors of the SharonHome, while they’re shaking hands with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, pledging omertà.

These are well-practiced criminals. Please remember that all smoking bans are uniquely based on the blatant fraud concerning the dangers of passive smoking – dangers that clearly don’t exist – to induce people to quit smoking. This is the result, after 50 years of failed attempts to demonstrate scientifically one single death caused uniquely by active smoking, well here’s a dead man with a name, Barry Collen, and our regular readers know there are plenty of others, murdered by ETS propagandist bastards.

The conclusions are crystal-clear: the “public health” institutions are responsible for public fraud and for creating atrocious conditions inevitably leading to immediate and ghastly death. They are murderers and they have to be treated as such. The day is coming when they will be so treated. The smoking ban should be abrogated. The crooks should be put in jail. The key should be thrown away. When the law gets pointed back in the right direction the anti-smoking killers are going to pay as they deserve.

See also further takes on this murder on the pages of Surreality Times (stored copy here).

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