One has just to take a quick read on this piece to be in awe of the stupidity and dishonest opportunism in action from all sides – to say nothing of total lack of principles, morality and responsibility. That’s antismoking Vancouver for you.

As we all know, any smell (or sight) of smoking kills. How does the sight kill? Because of the relentless Canadian hate promotion machine kept constantly lubricated by the “public health” gangsters.

But wait: if the smoke comes out of a hookah it is not harmful. That is why the hate against smokers OUTSIDE on patios does not apply to the Muslims who smoke there.

"We are very happy because this is our culture. I have one customer, 75 years old, who said ‘I will have no other place to go if you close’", says an operator who obviously does not give a damn about what happens to others. Another one is no less contemptible: “"I support no smoking on the patios," he said, saying it will make it easier for him since he won’t have to settle fights between his smoking and non-smoking customers.”

You see how simple it gets? By denying the rights of the "lepers" there will be no conflict with the bastards of the Master Race: a hell of a deal!

But hear the rest and cry or laugh at will: “But he said hookah lounges are essential for immigrants from hookah-smoking cultures, because it helps them deal with the depression common for newcomers and gives them places like they have at home.”

Oohh, poor babies! Ain’t that moving?… But, for some mysterious reason, the depression of Canadian cigarette smokers is not important, because they are smokers, so their feelings do not matter at all. In fact the smokers can’t even walk on the streets anymore without with the Master Race’s jackboots planted on their faces: “Vancouver’s planned new bylaw will prohibit smoking in any taxi travelling through Vancouver, even if the driver and all the passengers don’t have a problem with it and even if the taxi is licensed in another municipality. It will also prohibit smoking within six metres of any entryway, window or air intake for a public building, which will effectively ban smoking on most sidewalks in commercial areas, since sidewalks are only three metres wide and doors are often less than six metres apart.”

It is all part of a criminal “public health” plan based on fraud and hatred – that of denormalizing tobacco smoking. On the other hand, smoking crystal-meth — a serious problem in Vancouver — is just fine, because “the bylaw is aimed at cigarette smoke”.

Why don’t we denormalize these bastards and smoke right in their face while breaking the law? There are six millions of us in this country to beat the hell out of them. Too bad that it is six million sheep — that’s why.



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