Abstinence from everything, zero exposures, and a compulsive health fixation lead to good health. Isn’t this what we hear every day? Isn’t this what the sacred ideology says? Isn’t this what "scientific" computer models project?
Once again, empirical evidence – the only kind that ever matters – belies the trash computer models and all the “expert” windbags.

“Americans in their early to mid-50s today report poorer health, more pain and more trouble doing everyday physical tasks than their older peers reported at the same age in years past, a recent analysis has shown. The research, published in print and online this week by the nonprofit National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), was supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), a component of the National Institutes of Health.”

Let us keep in mind – please! – that our hippie generation, for the last two decades, has been one of “quit-and-zero-exposure” beliefs.

It has reduced smoking by 50% because of the epidemiological BS on smoking.
It has been engaged in huge efforts to change its diet for the last 20 years because of the epidemiological BS on eating.
It has reduced pollution in urban areas a great deal because of the paranoia on “chemicals & dusts” coming from the epidemiological BS on chemicals and dusts.
Because of its paranoia on health, it has increased a great variety of medical check-ups by geometrical factors – to the point of putting the health care systems of a lot of countries on their knees.
It has reduced “risks” to the point of making its life as shallow as its intellect, and to the point of destroying economy and industries, because the cost of compliance with stupid regulations for “health and safety” written and imposed by mindless bureaucrats has surpassed the cost of production – an infallible recipe for bankruptcy.
It is “health conscious” to the point of psychosis – exercising, abstaining, obeying any and all junk science suggestions of the “experts” in the pursuit of better health and eternal life.
It has screwed up the integrity of institutions and science to produce massive amounts of junk science to confirm hare-brained health beliefs and to impose laws that enforced those beliefs.

These are the result: we may live a little longer, but we are much sicker than our fathers were – and they smoked, drank, ate fats, drove big cars without seat belts, and rode happily in the back of pickups. Cars had no catalytic converters, taps no water purifiers, people were not stuffed with drugs and antidepressants (there was no need, we were free, and optimistic about the future.)

Our Dads fought the war with all kinds of exposure to “unhealthy things”, they used asbestos freely, didn’t give a hang about preservatives, used leaded gasoline, ate goodies full of lard or trans-fats with abandon, loved sugar, salt, red meat, booze. They valued industry, worried little about pollution, and the sky did not fall.

Men who didn’t smoke were thought "sissies", as were the new-fangled filtered cigarettes, which many spurned. The ciggies of the old days were loaded with tar and nicotine, much more even than in unfiltered brands still available today, but nobody cared about that. They believed in moderation in all things. They simply had a healthy attitude. They were healthier. Now the "experts" say so, catching up, with the obvious.

Normal "exposure" without paranoiac fear kept people strong. With all our “precautions” we have turned ourselves into a generation of weak links – both physically and intellectually – while rushing to replace crucifixes with no smoking signs. We are working hard to make sure that our children get even weaker through "health & safety" ideology and environment.

Corrective actions? Smoke, drink, eat and do everything that gives you gratification – and a reason to look forward to the next gratification, and to the next day in your life. You’ll only get so many. We do not live forever: the "lifestyle epidemiologists" are wrong about that. Stop listening to "Public Health" and listen more to yourself. After all, you are the only person with 100% credibility when it comes to you, yourself, and what makes you healthy and happy. Never forget that – and never let anyone else tell you otherwise.



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