We present the third in the series of myth-bustings by Christopher Snowdon. Much has been written about the so-called Helena Study that purported reductions in heart attacks because of a smoking ban. This “study” is a superlative example of low-down junk science legerdemain, so naturally, it set a debased standard that has since been copied frequently by prohibitionist agencies. Mister Snowdon here focusses ably on some generally neglected aspects of the Helena farce. Antismoking Charlatan in Chief Stanton Glantz, whom journalist Steve Milloy has described (mildly) as “a shameless say-anything, do-anything anti-smoking zealot,” figures prominently in this. When characters like Glantz can influence public policy we are in very big trouble. It’s happening. We are in big trouble. Make it your business to fight back and change things.

Christopher Snowdon’s book on the anti-smoking crusade, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, is now being prepared for publication.

For the Helena myth-busting article click: (Article) (stored version)



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