Beginning next year new cars sold in California must must have a label listing their "global warming scores." High score good, low score very bad.
Cribbing from the pages of Nathanial Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, the new Puritans that run California wish to express their scorn, hatred and moral disapproval for vehicles, and those who drive them, that contribute most to the global warming. Although anthropogenic climate change is a hoax that more and more scientists are publicly decrying, the behavior engineers that promote the fraud are devising new methods to shame the citizens into submission. Affixing a scarlet polluter label on a car to induce hatred is merely the latest manifestation of a technique originated by the anti-tobacco control industry.

At the top of the list of tools devised to eliminate smokers is the brutal club that "denormalizes" smoking. Smokers must be treated like dirt so that smoking becomes too difficult to continue. High prices, smoking bans and hate-filled propaganda against smokers are regarded as legitimate methods to fulfil anti-tobacco’s goals. The extreme environmentalists hate drivers as intensely as anti-tobacco gangsters hate smokers. Labeling cars as responsible for global warming is a short step from labeling drivers as destroyers of Mother Earth. California, as always, provides the useful idiots, in the form of politicians and bureaucrats, that are always happy to snuff out freedom and whip up antipathy against people they hate. Labeling drivers of particular cars as climate destroyers is the beginning step to "denormalize" driving an automobile.



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