It does not take any knowledge of Dutch to understand this video. Just the pictures tell us that there is something very important going on in the Netherlands. Some may call it a revolt. Others may say that it will peter out. We believe that neither is correct.

"Stop the smoking prohibition" says uncompromisingly this manifest of the movement. The Dutch coalition of cafes, bars, restaurants, smokers, coffee shops, and consumers in general means business, and it is as determined as the Tobacco Control fanatic crooks. Maybe it has finally been understood that peaceful coexistence is impossible with Fascism.

Something is changing around the world, one can sense it in many nations. The antismoking crooks and their frauds are losing their grip in spite of the fact that they are tightening their fists. In Holland, hundreds, thousands of bars and restaurants are flashing out ashtrays in full defiance of the fraud-based law that forbids public smoking. In that small country, people are becoming aware that the dangers of passive smoking are a fraud promoted by the public health institutions to control behaviour and culture. And – rather than whining – they are doing something about it.

They disobey the law.

But they are doing more than just that. They are debunking the “science” – both that on the harmlessness of the smoking ban on the economy (yet another lie from public health institutions) but, especially they are debunking and denouncing the epidemiologic fraud about ETS, the foundation and battle horse of public health and prohibition. And they are doing more yet: they are suing the state while disobeying the law.

This multi-pronged attack against Tobacco Control by the forces of freedom is bringing a unity and coordination of forces and interests without precedent in the history of the fight against this fraud. And the Dutch mass-media are picking it up. Public health, so far, has had no choice but of being a sitting duck, repeating like a broken record the mantra that “the overwhelming majority of people (83%, to be exact! ) supports the smoking ban". But that lie does not seem to work, this time – especially when people can see ashtrays everywhere proudly flashed out on the tables. The intelligent Dutch have also found a way to neutralize the fines – simply by creating a sort of "mutual fund", that pays for those fines and supports the victims of the public health institutions.

Finally, the Dutch understand that this is a war, and they treat it as such. In a war, you either destroy your enemy or the enemy destroys you. And the public health institutions are the enemy – the prime exemplars of scientific fraud and the destroyers of truth, freedom and choice. And the most significant part of all is that the tobacco industry has nothing to do with this.

Well done, Dutch friends – and we take this opportunity to thank FORCES Netherlands, which is instrumental in the coordination of the forces involved in the fight against the “public health” Nazis. Maybe the time for their punishment has just come one step closer.

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